Monday, August 23, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 19.02

"Perhaps not then." Harold looked at the other walls. "Are they all interior walls?"

"Yes." The imp patted the one to Harold's left, opposite the door. "There's a toilet on the other side of this wall though. That has a window facing Smithgate. If I put in a big picture window here you'll get some natural light from that and the added bonus of a good view of anyone using the loo."

Harold grimaced. "That doesn't sound right. I wouldn't like to use a loo some bloke could see right into."

"I could knock the wall through. Then you'd actually have a desk in the bathroom and people would have to ask you to use it."

"What about magic? Is there some way of putting a viewing portal on the wall with the linked item outside?"

"Sure." Delirious brightened. "It'd cost a bit components but that can be done."

"Excellent. Take it out of petty cash." Harold returned to his laptop and his professorship connection to the National Library archives. He wasn't a professor, but a favour or two for a man skilled in hacking produced a lot of results. Backdoor Harry had some particular tastes in his bedroom activities. It wasn't easy to procure a succubus that was willing to play strip-Monopoly.

He began to make notes about activities that might be related to Legion's children through the last century, trying to track their movements. Two weeks ago there had been a series of broken graves in Basingstoke, resulting in the dismissal of the incumbent cemetery keeper who despite keeping a vigil had noticed nothing unusual. The week before that there had been a break-in at a meat packing factory in Maidstone. Kent, where a whole week's worth of slaughtered beef had rotted overnight and a week before that seven people had gone missing in Dover over the course of the Easter weekend.

Harold made a list on a text file. Dover, Maidstone, Basingstoke, Laverstone. What connected those four towns?

A simple search brought up an answer.


stephanie said...

I want a viewing portal!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Wait until you see this one first...