Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 19.03

Cornelius Plenty's Carnival of the Exotic was established 1n 1754 by the esteemed hunter and explorer Cornelius Plenty. It has toured all over Europe and ventured to the Americas for the first time in 1980, spending a period of twelve years before returning to its native Romania. This year has seen its first return to the United Kingdom since 1957. It will perform all over the south of England before it moves northward, finally crossing to Ireland at the end of the summer.

Harold checked the itinerary. Sure enough, the carnival had already travelled through the afflicted towns and had arrived in Laverstone at the end of last week. He sat back with a thumping heart just as Delirious appeared with his tea. "What do you know about Cornelius Plenty's carnival?"

The imp shrugged. "It's been around for donkey's years, Dad says, though this is the first time it's been here since the fifties. it always stops on sites of large numbers of deaths like the one in Pity's Field. Can we go?"

Harold frowned. "Pity's Field is where they buried all the plague victims in the seventeenth century. What do they do there? Why do they need burial sites?"

"I wouldn't know, sir."

"Right." Harold drummed on the desk with his fingers. "A trip to the carnival is in order. Has Jasfoup turned up yet?"

"No sir, and neither has Devious."

"Funny how they both disappear right when I actualy need them. Convenient, wouldn't you say?"

"Do you think they've been disposed of to cut you off from your best sources of information."

"That hadn't actually occurred to me." Harold rubbed his chin. He hadn't shaved this morning and the bristles were beginning to irritate. "I just assumed they were off gallivanting. We'll just have to hope they haven't been silences.There is one ray of silver lining mind."

"What's that?"

Harold reached for his cup. "You brought tea."


stephanie said...

Tea is a bonus. Perhaps that will soothe Harold's nerves.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Tea is always a bonus :)