Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 19.05

"Lovely." Julie refilled her coffee and carried it outside into the tiny car-park at the back of the shop. In deference to Jasfoup and John's smoking habits, Harold had installed a wooden bench beneath the third floor fire escape. She sat, the imp reaching up to clamber onto the ironwork connecting Harold's shop with the solicitor's next door. She looked up as he climbed the underside of the rusty steps. "Don't go bothering the natives."

Once in a while one of the people in the offices would be so tired their minds became susceptible to seeing the Denizens they shared their world with. The sight of a grinning imp at the window had induced a nervous breakdown in one secretary and she'd been off sick for months. As a side benefit it meant that Gillian's client won her case since the prosecuting counsel had failed to check into their clients background properly.

Julie leaned back against the brick wall. It was in desperate need of pointing but she could see the lines of the magical wards glowing electric-blue under the brickwork.

She pulled out her phone and called Harold. "Would a demon be able to pass a blood ward like the ones you protect the shop with?"

"I don't know." Harold sounded thoughtful, his voice echoing through the speaker. "Theoretically not, since Jasfoup had to be blood-keyed to the door.. Why?"

"I have a fear of possession. Remember the years I was in the secure wing of the hospital and could hear but not see the ghosts? I always felt like they were trying to climb into my brain."

"Understandable." Julie could hear the sound of water splashing. "I can't say I'd want someone taking over my brain either."

Julie frowned. "Harold? Are you in the bathroom?"

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