Friday, August 27, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 19.06

The splashing stopped. "I might be. Why? Is it important?"

"You did know that Candiru are attracted to the electronic signals in mobile phones and will swim up the urine stream to lodge in the bladder."

Harold's voice dropped to a low, weak sound. Julie could imagine his expression perfectly. "That's... that's not true, is it? I saw it on Grey's Anatomy once but that guy had been to the Amazon."

Julie glared at Wrack, who was holding his hands over his mouth to stop himself giggling. "Of course it's true, Harold. What's worse is that I've been researching demonic possession and there are several documented cases where a demon has laid in wait around the rim of a toilet and entered an unsuspecting mortal when they answered a call of nature."

"Damn." Harold sounded faint. "I was just thinking how defensible a bathroom was in the case of zombie attack and now you've made it an even scarier place than ever."

"Zombie attack?" Julie frowned. "Who said anything about zombies? I was talking about demons."

"You met two zombies this morning, you said."

"Yes, but they were pleasant enough boys. Not the sort to attack you in the bathroom."

"You never can tell." A small, ground level window opened and Harold waved from the basement-level bathroom. "Coo-ee. Can you see me?"

Julie leaned over to peer through the crack between the ground and the textured glass. Harold was stretching to reach the taps in the sink from as far away as possible. "I can. What are you doing?"

"Trying to wash my hands. What if there's a demon inside the taps?"

"To catch me unawares, of course. I've seen the films."

She drained the coffee cup and crossed to the small window, squatting to see through the crack. What would be the point? You said Legion had hired you to find the demons that stayed with Manoach and left one inside the table so you could always get in touch with her. Why would she then try to possess you? It would defeat her own purpose."

Harold sighed. "You're right, of course. Now that you put it like that I feel a bit silly."

"So you should." Julie was pleased rationality had worked with Harold but why didn't she believe it herself?

"Wait!" Harold's shout made her jump and she leaned forward to see Harold's face lit with excitement. "If legion can sense the one in the table, then theoretically she can sense the missing ones too."

"So? Presumably that's why she's in Laverstone in the first place."

"Yes, she told us she knows they're close, but if she can hear us taking to the one in the table, maybe she can hear the others too. That would give us a lead on their location."


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