Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 51.06

"Do they still perform exorcisms? I read somewhere the Church had banned them. They didn't believe in devils anymore."

"I thought they did an about-face on that? I saw a film about it with Anthony Hopkins in."

"We so totally need Anthony Hopkins. He'd scare the devils back to Hell and probably all the terminators, too. They'd shit a bucket of nuts if he came walking down that corridor."

"That would be totally awesome."


"Much as I hate to interrupt the mutual awesomeness that is Anthony Hopkins, we still need to determine the cause of advanced decay." Pearson leaned in and lowered his voice. "Let's not tell Guilding, though. She might not understand."

"What's to understand? There's something causing me to rapidly decompose that we need to isolate and neutralise."

"But it might be a supernatural creature. Think of the scientific discovery of a genuine supernatural being. I could be famous."

"Slight problem with that, mate." Dill glanced at the screen but Sam was silent.

"What's that?"

"In order to see supernatural creatures, you have to be a supernatural creature. You'd never be able to prove it except to other supernaturals, and trust me when I say you don't want to meet any."

"Why not? You seem to do all right."

"We were really lucky. There was a woman we met who took a shine to us. I think she fancied me, actually. Anyway, she put the word out we weren't to be chopped up. Seems they'd chop your head off soon as look at you, the supernatural types."

The screen flashed. "I think that was just zombies, mate."

"Maybe if I wasn't a zombie then? Could you ask one of your friends to sort me out? A werewolf, maybe, or a vampire?"

"Trust me mate. It's an exclusive club and it's full of knobheads. It's not like you can trade in a 'connected: zombie' card for a 'make friends with a wolfman' one."

"Still...If I'm to be of any help with the bacteria..."

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