Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 52.03

"Gah!" Jasfoup clicked his fingers until Devious turned up, a large piece of Bakewell tart in his paw. "What are you doing with that?2

The imp shrugged. "I went back to the cafe for it. I served myself, but let them off the fourpence change I should have got for working there."

"Creative economics doesn't work for everyday, you know." Jasfoup stared at the triangle of cake, then shook himself out of his reverie. "Anyway, finish eating, then I need you to get some fresh clothes and redress Julie in them. Get them out of the washing bin so that they're obviously warm but nothing with blood stains or smoke damage."

"What's wrong with her?"

"She's dead, and the aspect of Legion I put inside her has gone missing." He looked at Lucy, who was half-way through the block of cheese.

"What? Dead-dead? As in, not coming back?" Devious looked from the woman to the demon. "Where's her spirit? Can't you stuff it back in her? She said she'd met some zombies that had their own spirits. Not sure how it's done though. Some sort of magnets?"

"Do you really think she'd want to be a zombie?" Jasfoup clipped him around the ear and took his piece of cake. "She'd no more want to inhabit a decaying body than she would live on the moon."

"Hey! Zombies would make great astronauts." Devious grinned. "No need for air or pressurised suits. No decay in the vacuum of space."

"They'd freeze and shatter like an Orange Delight dropped from the top of the church tower." Jasfoup stuffed the whole slice of cake in his mouth and spoke around it. "No go and get those clothes. I've got to phone for the coroner."

He picked up the phone as Devious darted away. Swallowing the last of the cake, He dialled just as the toilet upstairs flushed, indicating Harold's wakefulness.

"Emergency services. Which service do you require?"

"Coroner please." Jasfoup picked an almond from his teeth. "I've got a dead body here."

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