Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 52.05

"Look, I have to be honest." Jasfoup folded an arm around Harold's shoulders and led him gently out of Lucy's earshot.

"That's not like you." Harold tried to steer him toward the kettle but failed. "You normally pride yourself on a spinning whole packs of lies at every opportunity."

"I know." Jasfoup paused and held up a finger. "Thank you, by the way." He resumed walking. "It wasn't Julie that died. I—"

"It wasn't?" Harold let out a relieved grin. "It looked just like her."

"I was about to say Julie was already dead. I couldn't heal her at all so I extracted her soul." He patted his jacket pocket. "I had a long chat with Manoach and we decided using one of his demonic minions to possess her body was probably the best thing to do."

"Why, if Julie was already gone?"

Jasfoup hesitated, reluctant to admit it was solely to fool Harold into thinking Julie cured. "To save the trouble of finding another live-in nanny for Lucy. A possession would still be able to perform all of Julie's daily tasks without any awkward questions cropping up."

"I see." Harold glanced back. "So Julie's really dead?"


"And you've kept her in your pocket?"

"Yes. I don't know what to do with her yet. I need to find a sympathetic soul to look after her. We don't want her hanging about here, do we?"

"We don't?"

"An insane ghost at the manor? No thank you."

"We've already got Uncle Frederick."

"And that's quite enough. No, I need to find somewhere else where she'll be safe."

"I'll have a think." Harold frowned. "So what happened to the other Julie? The possessed one?"

"That's the weird bit of the morning. Lucy came downstairs and was terrified of her. It was almost as if she knew Julie was being possessed by a legion demon."

"She seems fine now."

"Yes. She slapped Julie on the leg. That's what killed her."

"Lucy killed Julie? That's like...I don't know. Friendly fire? What happened to the demon?"

"I have absolutely no idea. It vanished. I can only assume – and there's no way of proving this as far as I can tell – that Lucy absorbed it into herself."