Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 52.06

"Fascinating." Harold looked at his daughter with narrowed eyes. Do you think that's really possible?"

"Actually, I do." Jasfoup squatted by the body. "Look, give me a hand, would you? I pride myself on the ease with which I can get someone's clothes off, but they're usually still alive are rather willing to achieve the same goal."

Harold clenched his teeth. "Must I? You know what I'm like about dead bodies."

"Imagine she's a vampire." Jasfoup huffed as he used a spell to levitate her. It wasn't a true levitation spell – that generally required too much effort and concentration. This was just a spell to fool an object into thinking the floor was two feet higher than it really was. "This is exactly what Gillian looks like during the daylight hours and you never seem to have any trouble mauling her about."

"That's different. Gillian and I are...intimate."

"Julie died for you. How much more intimate can you get?"

"No she didn't. She got horribly burned covering my escape from Manoach and his cronies but that's hardly the same thing. She only died because you sent her insane and then extracted her spirit. You killed her."

"Technically, Lucy killed her." Jasfoup tugged on the sweater and managed to lever it off Julie's body. "Come on. Give me a hand or I'll just leave you to explain to the police why there's a dead, naked woman in your kitchen."

"You wouldn't!"

"Try me."

"This is under protest." Harold pulled off her leggings and socks. "Why do you think it possible that Lucy absorbed the demon? I thought she hadn't got any special powers?"

"She doesn't have any conscious ones but she will have an instinct for self preservation. If she perceived the Manoachian demon as a threat—"

"Which she obviously did."

"—which she obviously did, she'll have done whatever her instinct prompted her to do. At first it was hide under the table and afterwards to slap Julie. Hew natural defences took the demon inside her." He looked at Julie's underwear. "Can we get away with leaving those, do you think?"

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