Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 53.03

"You didn't?"

"As if I would." A monitor began playing the Face Tube video of Dill holding his hand up, waiting for a high-five that never came. "Oh, I did," k-k-k "Look! Seventy hits already. Good job you're not facing the camera else people would guess you were a zombie."

"They'd think I was in make up. There's quite a craze for zombie make-up, I hear." Dill watched the video loop three times before Sam turned it off.

"I should film you properly then. You could be the trendsetter. The zombie king."

"Ugh. No thanks. I don't want to be the king of a horde of twenty-something lads and the occasional indulgent girlfriend. Besides, We've plenty to do here."

"I suppose you're right." The video was replaced by a diagram of the spirit cubes. "I've found a notation of the symbols. They have to be inscribed in a particular order and individually charged with a magical field. Did you know they used skull originally?"

I thought they used glass jars?"

"No, I mean here. This facility first made homunculi using human skulls with the symbols engraved by hand. It was a later innovation that replaced the skulls with laser-etched metal cubes."

"What poor bugger had the job of doing that? It must have taken hours."

"An imp called Keritel. I bet he'd have some answers for us if we could find him."

"An imp? How the hell would we get in touch with an imp?"

"We ask that bird we met in the pub yesterday. Julie Turling." A data file appeared on screen. "She had an imp with her, remember. I bet that could find this Keritel for us." The printer sprang into life. "Here's her address. We need to get her here, or at least her imp."

"Dude, I can't even leave this facility, never mind all the soldiers knocking about the town."

"I'll get you out and call that taxi guy to take you to her."


stephanie said...

Oops. It was a good plan.

Leatherdykeuk said...

It still might be, but for one flaw they don't know yet.

stephanie said...