Monday, March 28, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 54.01

Detective-inspector Cameron White squatted by the body and took a long look. There were no obvious signs of trauma. No stab marks, cuts, bruises or blunt trauma apparent. He glanced up at the two residents. "You say she just collapsed and fell over?"

"Yes." Harold Waterman jigged his infant daughter on his knee. "One minute she was squatting on the floor just like you are now, the next she was flat on her back, dead as a Raphus cucullatus."

"A dodo." Jasfoup deVille, a man Cameron had never seen without his customary grey business suit, smile. "Forgive Harold. He can be unconsciously pretentious at times."

"It's a puzzle and no mistake." Eric Chambers, the coroner, stood. "I'll have to open her up and have a look, I'm afraid."

"Very well." White stood as well and took out a notebook. "We'll have to seal off this room and treat it as a crime scene until we know otherwise. I don't suppose you'd like to tell me what really happened, would you?"

"She was possessed by a demon." Jasfoup pulled a salt cellar out of his jacket pocket. "I have her spirit right here. The kid exorcised her, leaving her without a spirit at all and that was it." He clicked his fingers. "Gone."

White frowned. "I've a good mind to arrest you both for interfering in an investigation."

Harold frowned. "But it's true."

White's smile was grim and not at all friendly. "Then will you call the Vatican or shall I?"

Jasfoup frowned. "There's really no need to take that sort of tone. Julie was a very dear friend of ours. Can't you see we're very upset?"

White couldn't, as it happened. Far from upset they had that indefinable air of hiding something. They knew far more about this death than they were letting on. He wished for the thousandth time he couple arrest people because they were "shifty and definitely guilty of something" but unless he could attach a good reason they'd be out before lunchtime and filing a wrongful detention suit. He sighed and glanced at Chambers, who shrugged. "Right then. Clear out. You've got ten minutes to vacate the property. I'm treating this as a crime scene until otherwise notified."


stephanie said...

*chuckles* Now that's White when "visiting" the manor. Poor man doesn't stand a chance. And poor Julie. I'm so sad I can't bear it!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Poor Julie indeed! Perhaps they could draft in Dill for the autopsy!

stephanie said...

*laughs* That would be brilliant indeed. If you could weave that particular thread I would be very impressed.