Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 54.03

"Put a rush on the autopsy will you?" White raised a hand in a friendly 'goodbye' gesture. "If this is a murder case I need to know ASAP. There are some people who really shouldn't be allowed to walk about in civilised society."

"I'll do my best." Chambers opened his car door and paused, one foot already inside. "Don't go scratching your head too much over it. You've got a bald patch developing already."

White's hand flew to the crown of his head. "Have I? Really?"

Chambers just laughed and climbed into his car, slamming the door behind him. The engine roared into life and he pulled away, tyres creaking over the crumbling tarmac.

White ducked back into the house, crossing the kitchen to the door into the main house. He almost walked straight into the tall Mr. DeVille, who was just standing there. The man smelled faintly of matches and cologne.

"Lost, are you?" DeVille's eyebrow rose.

"Just looking for the little boy's room."

"There's one under the great staircase." He pointed to a door set into the base of the sweeping curve. "It's nice to see a modest man. It makes a lovely change."

White nodded his thanks and made his way to the cloakroom, bolting the door behind him. Most people's under-stairs room was small, cramped and with a ceiling significantly lower at one end than the other. Not so with this one. What DeVille referred to as 'the small cloakroom' was probably equal in size to White's whole bathroom at home and decorated in white marble with gleaming brass trimmings.

And a mirror.

White peered at the mirror, trying to tilt his head forward to see the crown but couldn't quite get the angle. He was in danger of straining his eyes trying to see past his own forehead. He could feel a migraine coming on.

What he needed was a second mirror but apart from the gleaming sink taps there was nothing he could use. Even his plastic-coated warrant card wasn't up to the task since the overhead light was at the wrong angle to make a decent reflection.

White snorted. Eric must have been pulling his leg. He wasn't going bald.


stephanie said...

*laughs* White needs to snap to!

Leatherdykeuk said...

This chapter does ramble a bit.