Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 55.03

Dill crept along the corridor, acutely aware of the cameras mounted in the ceiling that could watch his every move. At every junction or doorway he moved to the opposite side, the better to gauge if someone was likely to see him and raise the alarm. He paused when his phone vibrated, ducking into a doorway to study the text.

Dude. You look like a dysfunctional white boy doing the bee dance. Act natural. Stride down the corridors as if you own them and someone's about to get a serious ass kicking.

Dill looked up at the camera and gave it a thumbs-up. Directional arrows on the wall lit up, telling him where to go. The elevator was already waiting for him but he hesitated when the only lit button was for the basement storage area, three floors down.

The eight-bit version of Santa Claus is coming to town playing through the elevator speakers was momentarily interrupted.

Go down, mate. It's one of the storage levels where are there aren't many people to get suspicious. There's a service lift from there that goes directly to the surface and will cut out a lot of the messing about. You'll just have to bluff your way past the guard post.

"Great. Thanks mate. What if one of the guards from this morning is there and recognises me?"

You outrank him anyway.

The music changed to Slade's Merry Christmas which sounded like it was playing on a cheap music box. Dill shook his head and pressed the button. "What's with the seasonal tunes?"

Don't you just love them? I found a whole folder of them on the server.

"It's April, mate. Don't you think someone will notice there's something screwy and run a diagnostic on the mainframe? I already want to reprogram it with an axe."


stephanie said...

This could turn ultra-Stephen-King quickly. Now I want Dill to hurry up!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Nah. I don't do horror!

stephanie said...

I don't do horror!