Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 55.09

Dill crossed the hallway and pushed through another door into a bland, featureless corridor, scanning the walls for the arrows to tell him which direction to head in. “Dude? There’re no arrows.”

He walked on while he waited for a reply. There were no side corridors or doors so it was fairly obvious which way he should go. That probably explained the lack of arrows on the walls though to be fair—

Dill stopped to examine the concrete surface. It wasn’t like the corridors of the upper levels which were coated with a variety of electrical conducting plastic and light-emitting diodes. This one was just a plain concrete wall with occasional patches of flaking paint. It looked to have been here a long time. Maybe even from the seventies. He remembered old films with tower blocks that looked like this.

He moved on at a slightly faster pace. Was this a way out of the facility Sam didn’t know about? There still hadn’t been a reply from him. How did one get in touch with a spirit that inhabited the computer system?

His phone gave no answers. All the texts Sam had sent had no sender other than ‘internal’ and an IP address. There was no signal down here to connect to anyway, even if he could log on to the system.

It looked like he was on his own again. Odd. he’d got used to it fairly fast when he thought Sam was dead but having the connection to his friend severed again left him feeling as if he was the only person in the world again. It was odd to miss the little shit.

Dill sighed. He didn’t have to, he just felt like it. There was nowhere to go but onwards. Actually, there was. He could go back, but it seemed such a waste of effort.


stephanie said...

Melancholy zombie? Interesting. :) Poor Dill. What will he do now???

Leatherdykeuk said...

He'll do what zombies do. Keep going. ;)