Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 56.06

“I don’t think that was really the point, Harold. You burned his house down and he still remained objective.”

“So he should. We’re the good guys.” Harold took two right turns in succession and pulled into The Terrace. “Everyone should be grateful we’re taking an interest.”

“Interest?” Jasfoup took a deep breath. “We’re in the middle of a two-thousand year old grudge between Legion and Manoach. Julie’s dead, Felicia’s left and the police have control of the Manor. We’ve no idea whether to collect Manoach’s demons for Legion or Legion’s demons for…well…to stop whatever plans she’s hatching. Meanwhile, Manoach taking the souls of innocent people and possessing their bodies for who knows what purpose and Legion’s effectively driven us out of the book shop. I don’t like this, Harold. Not one little bit. I can’t remember a time where we were so far in the collective closet I couldn’t honestly see a way out.”

“We’re in the closet?” Harold pulled up outside number twenty-two. Curtains twitched at twenty-four, thirty-three and seventeen, the latter because they seemed to have an infestation of flies. “That’s news to me.”

“Not a gay closet, Harold. An earth closet.”

“A what?”

“Like the ones they dig out at boot camps and music closets?”

“Oh. You mean were in the sh--”

“Exactly. Now, let’s get Lucy settled in at your mums, persuade her to make a pot of tea and work out what to do next. I vote we tell her everything and ask for her advice.”


“Well,” Jasfoup grinned. “Perhaps not everything. We'll keep your bad habit to ourselves.”


stephanie said...

*laughs* They are too much. Poor Ada... or them when they arrive. I'm not sure which.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you.

It seems to take me an age to get anywhere with this tale! 160K now.