Friday, May 6, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 58.02

He went into the kitchen and put the milk in the fridge, filling the kettle for tea and turning it on. “Where's Stinker? He should be here to serve the needs of your guests.”

“He's on an errand for me.” Ada sat Lucy on the counter top, her legs dangling over the side and her bottom perilously close to the edge. “Shall Grandma get you a glass of milk?”

“Yeth Pleasthe.” Lucy gave her a wide smile. “Bithcuit?”

“And a biscuit? I'll see what I have in.”

“You know she only puts on the lisp because it makes you give her extra.” Jasfoup added three spoonfuls of tea to the pot. “She is teething, but she only has a lisp when she sees you.

“Harold was the same.” Ada glanced through the archway to the kitchen table, where Harold was still in the process of sorting through all the bags. “He'd try every trick in the book to get extra and naturally I denied him most of the time. It's different with a granddaughter, though. You can afford to indulge them and give them back again when they've become hyperactive over a sugar intake.” She pulled a packet of bourbon creams out of the cupboard and handed them to Lucy, who began chewing on a corner of the pack without even opening them.

“He still is.” Jasfoup winked and began setting out cups. “Will you take tea?”

“No thank you.” Ada turned to an odd device next to the little toaster oven. “I'll stick with coffee, thank you.”

“And that's a coffee machine, is it?”

“Yes. Rather a good one, actually.” She took a little plastic cartridge from a box and pushed it into a slot, then set a mug beneath one of the three spouts. “It does tea, too.”

“Ah! A civilised machine, then. Where did it come from?”

“A chap was selling them in the market last week. He was so confidant I'd like it he guaranteed me twice the money back if I didn't. So I bought one, carried it twenty yards and took it back. Told him it was too heavy and I didn't like it.”

“And it worked?”

“Oh yes. I got twice my money back then went and bought one from the supermarket with the profit.”

Jasfoup laughed. “My hat off to you, Ada.”

The kettle boiled and clicked off.


stephanie said...

Ah! So that's where Harold comes by it! :)

And I forgot (horribly) to say my drawing came. Thank you (and for reminding me). :) It's wonderful. I need a frame now, but it's only laziness that I haven't got one yet.

Leatherdykeuk said...

His canny mam :)

Ah! I'm glad it came. Thanks for letting me know. No need for a frame - just staple it to a corkboard ;)