Monday, May 9, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 58.04

Ada looked blank.

“Remember the man Legion was inhabiting? The one Iesu supposedly cured?”

“You mean they went back to him?”

“That's right. They didn't want to return to Hell and saved themselves when the pigs ran over the edge of the cliff into the sea. His life was meaningless without them so he called them back. He's had them ever since.”

“Why? What does he want with them?”

Jasfoup shrugged. “I don't know. They gave him immortality of a sort but who knows how much of him is left? They possess mortals now, those living in the marginalia of society. Somehow they're tied up in the drug trade, too, and they've caused the death of at least one young lady in Chervil Court.”

“And now Julie, you say?”

“Not exactly. The one inside Julie was trying the save her. She was screaming constantly. They would have returned her to a mental asylum so I made a call.”

“You asked this Manny-man to possess her?”

“Yes. I thought it for the best. She would have rotted away in an asylum. I extracted her spirit in the hope I could get her some help from my contacts.” Jasfoup winked in what he hoped was an inclusive, better-not-say-it-alaoud gesture that Ada would understand.

“What contacts? I can't think of anyone downstairs that could ease such a troubled spirit.”

Jasfoup looked at Harold, who leaned forward to whisper.

“He means the Other Side, mum. The one who promote peace and harmony and the cessation of independent thought.”

“Oh!” Ada exaggerated the mouth movement.”Then what?”

“Then I borrowed one of Manoach's children to keep her body healthy while I looked to her treatment. Lucy took exception to the demon inside her body and dismissed it. I don't know what happened to it.”

“I think I might.” Ada looked at Lucy, who had managed to open the packet of biscuits and was working her way through them.

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