Monday, May 30, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 61.06

“You have news?” Legion's voice was atonal. Flat like a BBC announcer breaking the news that war had been declared. “Have you recovered my children?”

“Not exactly. Not yet, anyway, though we've traced Manoach.”

“Where are they? They remain hidden to my sight. Are they close?”

“In a manner of speaking. Why do you need them back now? It's been two thousand years since you lost them. Why do you need them now?”

“What does it matter? They are lost. They must be found. A blind man would request the return of his sight.”

“But you're not blind and nor are they.” Jasfoup took a sip of his tea. “Why are they possessing people and ejecting their spirits? What's happening to them? I have no trace of their acceptance into Hell.”

Legions laughter was forced and all the more sinister for that. “Perhaps they have reached Heaven.”

“We both know that's not true.”

Legion sighed, the sound a bubble of poison rising through acid. Harold was drooling. A drop of saliva dripped to the table. You'd think he was asleep if it wasn't for the black, iris-less eyes. “Manoarch builds an army for the end times.”

“The end times?” Jasfoup frowned. “But that's ages away. My perpetual calendar doesn't even go that far.”

“Nevertheless. He must be stopped. Lucifer's child will inherit nothing if he continues.”

“Lucifer's Child? Harold?”

Legion looked out of the window. “How strange it will be when the sun shines no more.”

Jasfoup frowned. “What do you know about the end times? Should I cancel Harold's birthday party at the end of the year?”

“Birthday party?” Harold wiped his mouth, surprised to find his hand wet. “What birthday party? You didn't mention you'd arranged a birthday party for me.”

“It's a surprise.” Jasfoup stared at him, wondering where the demon had gone. Was it back inside the table or still inside Harold? “Besides, you'r birthday's not for months yet.”

“But you're planning it already? Ho marvellous. It must be a really big party.”

“Yes.” Jasfoup smiled tersely. “If you can make a couple of friends between now and then there'll be four of us.”


Stephanie said...

Now I really do feel Legion cannot be trusted!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Aww! If you can't trust a demon...