Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 64.05

Harold made a face. “That they aren't immortal? Or that something is eating them?”

“Either. Both.” Jasfoup sat on the edge of the desk. “What if someone's eating them and they're immortal? Destined to spend eternity in the intestines of some god-like monster.”

“Then all is not lost.” Harold patted his knee. “What goes in has to come out sometime.”

“When the sun shines no more.”


“Something Legion said. 'How strange it will be when the sun shines no more'.”

“What utter tosh. She was just winding you up, I expect. It's not like the sun's going to go out, is it? There are millions of years before it expands into a supergiant and swallows us up.” He had an idea. “Hey! What if your missing souls are in the sun? Still immortal but stuck until it goes nova? That would give a literal meaning to the meek inheriting the earth.”

“Inheriting the cloud of super-heated vapour that was once the earth, you mean.” Jasfoup grimaced. “It's a good idea you have but I don't think it's right. I think I was
closer to the mark about something hanging on to them, away from the sight of angels.”

“Don't bring them into it. They give me indigestion.”

“Not to mention brown trousers.” Jasfoup looked at Harold and grinned. He caught the movement of figures on the screen and drew closer. “What if there was another player amongst all that?”

“There were sixty-four players but we're down to three now.” Harold changed the view to a world map, the three factions designated by colours. “I'm the red, player three has a group of angelic renegades in the middle east and player twenty-seven controls the televangelists of America, China and Australasia.”

“What if a fourth power joined unexpectedly?”

“Not going to happen. You have to start during the build-up to Armageddon.”

“What if they did, just somewhere you couldn't see them? On the moon, say, or under the earth.”

“That's not in the game though.”

“No. Jasfoup tapped his finger against his lip. “But what if someone was reprogramming the game?”


Anonymous said...

mine is re-programmed as someones hobby I think. same obsessional traits as a one of those twitchers endearing up to the point that the birds are all spooked away

hey ho it is a beautiful day

Leatherdykeuk said...

A terrifying thought! I think I traded mine for a Sindy doll a long time ago.

It is - but far too hot for me!

Stephanie said...

J playing Miss Marple. I love it!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Don't tell him! He#d want the tweeds!