Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 66.04

“Ah.” Sir Frederick and Molly shared a glance. “We understand there was a fire.”

“A sudden, unexpected fire,” added Molly.

“A fire in which Julie was rather severely burned.”

“Quite by accident.”

“Exactly. So Jasfoup happened to have in his possession two books--”

“Wait. Who's Jasfoup?”

“One of the others.” The old man pointed vaguely downward with his pipe. “Tall gentleman with dark skin.”

“Right, yes. I saw him. He had a little girl with him.”

“Yes indeed. Lucy. A dear girl. Quite pretentious.” He smiled to himself. “She is the sun and the stars on a morning filled with the night's precipitation.”

“Frederick.” Molly glided out of the shade, becoming almost invisible in the sunshine. “Get to the point.”

“Right. Yes, thank you. Where was I?”


“Yes. So Jasfoup had this portal into some tower in Hell – I'm not certain of the details but it seemed very complicated. Something to do with finding a living lad there.”

“Living? In Hell?” Dill shook his head. “We are talking about the metaphysical plane of tormented souls, right? What was he doing there?”

“Looking for a library book, I think he said.” Frederick shuffled to a more upright position. “The point is, he had a way of almost instantly healing human flesh so that's where he took Julie.”

“So she was healed by a trip to Hell? That sounds unlikely.”

“Nevertheless. The only problem was, Julie could speak to the dead.”


“Which is a bit of a problem when you're surrounded by all the tormented souls of Hell.”

“Oh.” Dill paused a moment while this sank in. “She went loopy?”

“As a crocheted cardigan in a hot wash.”

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