Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 69.02

Dill pulled an eyeball from the head by means of jamming his finger into the tear duct and levering it out. It wasn't as disgusting as he expected. The blue iris and trailing optical nerve and artery gave it the appearance of a disconnected webcam. He closed his eyes and popped it in his mouth, his teeth piercing the outer wall and allowing the vitreous humour to trickle down his throat. It was reminiscent of the time he'd stolen one of his mother's Juicy Fruits as a child; the liquid centre having much the same effect.

He swallowed and looked back at the head. What to eat next? The blurred vision in his left eye cleared slightly. So...eating an eye improved his vision? What an unexpected treat. He reached for the second eye and stopped, sudden;y aware of the silence. He looked up to find the two ghosts staring at him. “What?” He licked his fingers.

Molly spoke through the grimace on her face. “The master has to be warned.”

Dill had been unaware ghosts could exhibit revulsion. To be fair, he'd been unaware of ghosts at all until recently. “So?”

Sir Frederick leaned forward. “You need to warn him Lucy's in danger. If Legion can't get her demons back the chances are she'll go after Lucy. How will a child defend herself against a demon?”

“Why me?Can't you send the little fellow? He seems far more able to nip about than I could. I don't even know where this master of yours is.”

“He has a point.” Sir Frederick turned to the little nightmare. “You need to tell him, Devious. Lucy is the answer to the problem as well as a new problem herself.”

“Right you are, guv.” The creature opened one of his portals. Dill watched, fascinated at the possibility of warp space was demonstrated at the hands of a tiny horror.

“Wait!” Molly spoke. “If our friend has finished eating you need to dispose of the remains.”

“Golly yes!” Sir Frederick pointed at the case. “If the coppers find that they'll have a field day.”

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