Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 69.06

“You're not supposed to tell!” The imp coughed. “That's not my real name o' course, jus' what I'm known as. So, zombie-what-talks, what is it you want?”

“I've just come from Magelight and there's a mention in the records of an imp called Keritel. Any idea where I can find him? Could you find him for me?”

“What do you want him for? It took a long time for him to get away from Magelight. They had him doing 'orrible fings.”

“So I gathered.” Dill glanced up. Sir Frederick and Molly were listening intently. He supposed that being ghosts didn't garner you with much information about what goes on outside the house. “He was employed in removing souls from people, wasn't he?”

“Sort of. He had to prepare the thirteen sigils of possession on the skulls.”

“Skulls? I didn't see any skulls.” Dill sat on the floor to make the imp more at ease. “What I saw were tiny cubes a couple of inches to a side.” He held his thumb and forefinger apart to demonstrate. “Hundreds of them, each with a soul inside.”

“Cubes?” Delirious frowned. “He definitely said they were skulls. They were cast inside homunculi, see, like great metal figures that could be given commands.”

Dill frowned. “That doesn't sound right. The ones I'm referring to were little cubes, each one inserted into the head of a robot-like figure. Hunt called them golems, not...what you said.”

“That's incredible.” The imp caught up his tail and began sucking at it. “They've found a new process of making golems with interchangeable souls. New ways of making the control pieces, too, apparently.” He looked up. “How many?”

“Sam –he's my friend-- said there were dozens.”

“What are they for, I wonder? Each with one of these spirit boxes inside?”

“I think so. There are demons in the factory, possessing bodies and stealing the sould for these little boxes. And ghosts growing weed.”

“This could upset the balance of power.” The imp gesticulated with a wet tail. “I have to tell someone about this. Wait here.”

“I can't,” Dill began, but the imp had already gone.

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