Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 71.06

“Quite.” Chambers looked down at the silent phone for a moment, then switched back to the satellite map. “At least he should be easy to find.”

“Best we get off, then.” White pulled open the door.

“Wait, sir.” Peters put a hand on his arm. “Aren't we jumping to conclusions a bit? Couldn't both the static location and the cessation of monitor signals simply mean the unit was taken off and tossed out of the window?”

“Chambers frowned. “He's right, you know. That would be a more reasonable explanation than the sergeant suddenly dropping dead. I mean, we're not in a war zone, are we?”

“Aren't we? You tell me.” White stood in the doorway, the daylight behind him giving him the appearance of a saint-like corona. “We've got two bodies with not a mark on them--”

“Julie Turling was an aneurysm.” Chambers interrupted. “Nothing sinister about that.”

“--and the town is flooded with soldiers on 'urban manoeuvres'? Don't make me laugh. There's something serious going on and I intend to get to the bottom of it. They're all centred around Chervil Court. Why?”

“Student area, sir.” Peters bit his lip. “Perhaps there are some foreigners with a bomb? Or a biological weapon. That'd make sense, wouldn't it? It'd explain the deaths, the army boys, the location and the moratorium on autopsies. They won't want the public getting wind of it.”

“Good call, sergeant.” White stepped back into the room. “Eric? Can you get the details of unexplained deaths in, say, the last week? Start with Hampshire then move to Wiltshire, Devon and Somerset. It can't have started here, surely?”

“What will we do, sir?”

“We'll go out to Hobbs wood and pray it was just a discarded monitor.”

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