Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 73.02

A gate opened and Devious dropped to the table. He was warm and dry, the only indication of his recent trauma a cleaner than usual loincloth. It still wasn't actually clean, as such, but the blood and other stains had made room for new ones. “Yes master? What can be done for you on this fine day?”

“You're very chipper for someone who caused the death of a dear friend.”

“Me? I was given to understand it was her own fetiche that exploded prematurely, master. No-one's to blame, surely. An unhappy accident.”

“He's right, you know.” Harold's eyes narrowed as he fought to find a break in the logic. “The fetiche mustn't have been fixed properly. Not her fault of course. We were under fire at the time.”

“And on fire moments later.” Jasfoup chortled. “I'm glad we got that sorted out. Now, I shall go and speak to this, putrefying zombie fellow while you get Lucy into safe custody.”

“How come you're giving the orders all of a sudden?”

“Think of it as an informed suggestion.” Jasfoup smiled politely, steepling his fingers. “Are you sure you're quite all right, old chap? You seem to be behaving a tad erratically.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You threw away your tea, for one.”

“Oh, that. Well, we were in a dreadful hurry. We still are, actually. Where did Delirious go?”

“He gated out while the two of you were bickering.” Devious pulled a claw from his nose and inspected it. “Whose is that then?”

“Right we're off. Look after the shop.”

“Of course. It would be my pleasure.” The imp's gaze drifted to the cupboards.

“While you're at it, you could draft a 'help wanted' posted for Julie's replacement. Make it as a 'Closed due to bereavement' sign for the front window and write the rest so only someone with the sight could see it, okay?”

“Yes master.”

“And leave the chocolate biscuits alone.”

“Yes master.” He grinned. “There are chocolate biscuits?”

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