Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 73.04

Hurrying out of the back door and opening the van, a dozen scenarios crowed his thoughts. He could hardly get the key into the ignition he was so worried. What if his daughter had been kidnapped by Manoach? Or by Legion? Or by any of the two thousand demons that collectively made up the two figureheads? Come to that, what if she'd been kidnapped by someone ordinary? A paedophile or a Scientologist couple looking to make a healthy profit before the rapture when they were due to be taken to Alpha Centuri in a flying saucer piloted by Elron Hibbert? It was hard to say which was worse.

Why oh why had his mum left her alone in the garden? Didn't she watch the news? Kidnapping was big business now. People would pay a small fortune for a child, no questions asked. Chances were, Lucy would already be half way to a shipping container bound for some country full of crooks and weirdos. The Ascension Isles, say, or America.

He pulled the van round a sharp corner into Markham Road, the funfair on his left looking like a ghost town at this time of day. They'd removed the burned-out caravan, at least, though he couldn't recall the Helter Skelter being there when they'd visited.It brooded over the field now like a sullen giant.

A left into the Terrace brought him screeching to a stop outside his mother's house, curtains twitching all down the street at his squealing brakes, He all but ran to the door.

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