Monday, August 22, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 73.06


“I've no idea. Perhaps she saw a funeral on the telly. I said she shouldn't watch so much of it, didn't I?”

“No, I mean why was she sat next to the body?”

“How should I know? One minute she's playing with her doll in the garden, the next minute she's gone and I rush out to find this bint burked on the path.”


“You know. Dead with no sign o' why. Like Burke and Hare.”

“Oh. Never heard that before.”

“No?” Ada sniffed. “Maybe it's local to my upbringing then.”

“You were born right here, mum, in Laverstone.”

“Well then. There you are.”

Harold stared at the corpse, bouncing the child on his knee. “What happened Lucy? Did the lady try to take you away?”

“Sweeties.” Lucy thrust a hand in her pocket and pulled out several boiled sweets.

Harold took one. “Did the lady give you these?”


“Yes, but where did you get them from?”

“She's only two, Harold. You can't expect her to be articulate.” Ada pulled her from Harold's lap and stood.

“She should be able to grasp basic concepts, though.”

“She does.” Ada put Lucy down and took her hand. “Show me where you got the sweeties, dear.”

Lucy led her to the body and pointed.

“It does look as if she was bribed.”

Harold caught up with them and stared down at the body. “I know her face, I just can't think from where.”

“It'll come to you dear.” Ada picked up Lucy and balanced her on one hip. “Now. Should we get rid of the body or call the police?”

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Stephanie said...

That's Ada... always practical. :)