Monday, August 29, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 74.05

Peters laughed. “Right, sir, yes. You almost had me going there. You been going on your ladyfriend's ghost walks, have you.?”

“Not at all, sergeant.” White forced himself to laugh. “There are certainly some odd things that defy explanation until after the fact.”

“Like Scooby-doo? Everyone afraid of the old ghost at the mine until the kids realise its leaving size ten footprints and glow-in-the-dark greasepaint?”

“Like that, yeah.” White almost wished he hadn't packed up smoking ten years ago. He could do with one about now. “Remember that robot that went rampaging a few years ago?”

“Yes. That was a mess. I remember the woman cut in half all too vividly.” Peters shook his head. “Ran off into the sunset, by all accounts. The robot, I mean. Not the woman.”

“Turned up in pieces on the coast. All very hush-hush. I got a visit from the Specialist Crimes Squad. The robot had been reported stolen a couple of weeks before it turned up here. It had been an experimental model with an autonomous operating system.”

“An android, that's called. Like in Blade Runner.”

“Gives me the willies just to think about it. Anyway, as I said, strange things generally have a reasonable explanation.” He nodded upward at the corpse. “Take out friend here. Chances are that what we call a zombie is actually the recipient of a new drug that causes putrefaction and tolerance to pain.”

“Bit like PCP then. That sends you loopy and impervious to pain. I've seen the effects of that when I did my transfer stint in Birmingham.”

“Yes. Like PCP.” White fell silent, leaving the silence to be filled by the wind in the tress, the distant calling of a wood pigeon and the creak of the rope. Slowly, the sound of sirens intruded on the peace.


Stephanie said...

White really is a good mentor, now if only the Army's message had gotten through completely!

Leatherdykeuk said...

He wants to retire but I won't let him!