Friday, September 2, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 75.04

“Fire escape?” Jasfoup's eyebrow raised. “Since when has there been a fire escape on the roof?”

“Since Harold got a warning letter from the council. Apparently, since he has a 'private observatory' he was required by law to have a fire escape from the roof. That was the cheapest he could get.”

“He calls the cupola a private observatory?” He laughed. “Well you could look at the stars, I suppose.”

“What is it really?” Dill looked at the high point of the roof where a domed structure on four Tuscan pillars dominated the skyline. “it looks like a temple.”

“It is. It contains an altar. It's used for rituals.”


Jasfoup turned back to Sir Frederick. “When was this, though? I mean, It's only, what? Eight years since he moved in? I know it wasn't here then because we had all that trouble with Gillian.”

“Gillian?” Dill tugged at his sleeve. “Gillian deVille, the solicitor?”

“Yes, what of it?”

“We were supposed to go to see her. Sam and me, I mean, only she didn't turn up.”

“She's a busy woman.” Jasfoup waved away the interruption. “And it's 'Sam and I' not 'Sam and me.'”

Dill snorted. “Who died and made you grammar queen?”

“Dr Samuel Johnson, why?”

“Nuffin.” Dill turned away.

Sir Frederick winked at him before replying to Jasfoup. “Not that long, no. Delirious installed it. Got it off a hotel, he said.”

“No doubt one that subsequently caught fire with people stuck on the roof.” Very well. Let's go.”

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