Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 76.06

Harold laughed. “A letter? Like for a wizarding school? 'Dear Miss Lucy Waterman. You are hereby invited to become the antichrist. Enclosed is a list of equipment you will need for the coming year. Please sign and return the acceptance slip below.'”

Ada stuck her tongue out at him. “Something like that, though it's be from the Other Side o' course. I had no end of trouble when you were little. Angels popping up here there and everywhere to give you skeletal horses and flaming swords. I had to turn a blind eye to them tempting you in Sunday School, though I have to say their brand of fiscal acumen has stood you in good stead over the years. You were making more money than any other boy your age and you never did a stroke of work.”

“That's not true, mum. I used my brain, that's all. I ran the school savings scheme.”

“Yes, and more money went into your pocket than anyone else's.”

“Everyone still got a better rate then the post office, though, even after my cut.”

“Be that as it may, I could never understand why you always spent it on dolls.”

“Collectable action figures, actually.” Harold took a deep breath. This was an old argument and one he could never win. “So Lucy isn't the antichrist then?”

“It seems not.”

Harold glanced back toward the hall where the sound of the television would have made the ghosts rattle, had his mum allowed such things in the house. “Then what is she?”

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