Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 78.01

“Where are we going again?” Dill stepped off the ladder, relieved to be on terra firma once more. He had to cling to the wall for support until his head stopped telling him he was stuck in some version of hell where there was just a rickety ladder between him and certain doom.

“The shop. Harold's shop, specifically. I need you to explain to Harold exactly what you saw regarding these homunculi. It odd, actually. We only theorised their existence a few hours ago and here you are with proof of the whole process. I love being so damned clever.”

“Modest too.”

“Am I? I try not to be.” The tall gentleman flashed him a smile. “Not that modesty is a divine trait or anything. It's only the English that really practice it in the general scheme of thinks. I can't think of another nation in the nine planes that doesn't shout out 'Look at me! I'm so clever!' at every opportunity.”

“Nine Planes? You mean Hell?”

“Hell is one of them, yes. Also Heaven, The Middle World, Faerie, The Dead and others.”

“And each of those is split further, I suppose?”

“Of course. There's a Hell for everyone, they say.”

“Like fractals.”

“Infinitely recursive, yes. You're sharp, for a bag of meat.”

“I like to think so.” Dill took one last look up at the roof and let go of the safety of the wall. “Right. Let's go.”

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