Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 78.06

Jasfoup nodded and continued walking. “So the best way to win is not to play. That applies to so many things, doesn't it? Your computer game. Monopoly. Life.”

“That's a very cynical attitude.”

“I'm allowed to be cynical. I've watch mortals interact with every species and indigenous population on the world and without exception tried to make them extinct. When you're the one picking up the pieces afterwards it gives you a rather unique perspective on the whole deal.”

“I suppose so.” Dill gestured to the ironwork in front of them. “Nice gates.”


“Ha. Good one. You make it sound as if you'd made them personally.”

“I did. I used to be a blacksmith, you know. It's a good cover for one of my kind. All day in front of a nice homely fire. The banging of hammers. The sizzle of burning flesh... You know, in the old days the blacksmith often double as the town's soothsayer. Quite apart from all the gossip he was privy to, he was seen as bridging this world and the next, be that faery or hell. I did a lot of trade too, until the original manor house burned down.”

“You were a blacksmith here? Right here?”

“Yes, when the manor used to be a coaching inn. A bit before your time.”

“That's incredible.”

“No, just unlikely. Here's the edge of the manor. Anything you can't cope with from here on out is your own problem, okay?”

“Okay. I'm just glad the gates are open.”

“That's the police for you. Never close a door or a gate. Or a case either, I should think.”

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