Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 79.01

Harold followed his mum back into the kitchen. His daughter had been here often enough to shout or come looking if she needed anything. She was a bright kid.

Ada glanced out of the window. “That poor woman. We can't just leave the body there. You'll have to phone the police about it.”

“I'll phone Jasfoup. He'll know what to do.” Harold pulled out his mobile and dialled the demon. “Hi. It's me where are you?”

“Just outside the manor with a zombie in tow. Say hello, Dill.”

“Hi. My name is Dill Farthing and I'm--” The voice was oddly distorted.

“Well, you get the picture. Would you believe it, though? A sentient zombie?”

“That's all very well but I have a bigger problem. Did you say you'd collected a soul from Amanda Brinkley?”

“That's right. She was holding onto her body for grim life until Manoach kicked her out of it with one of his demons.”

“She turned up here at Mum's. Tried to kidnap Lucy from the garden.”

“Oh dear. What happened. I feel sorry for her – it – if it tried to get past Ada.”

“She didn't get the chance. She's dead. Lucy absorbed the demon from her as well.”

“That's good, isn't it?”

“Yes and no. Lucy's fine but it left us with the slight problem of a corpse in the garden and what will the inspector say about that?”

“Ah. I see your problem. I'll be right there.”

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