Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 79.04

“If his spirit is attached to his body wouldn't it remain attached after you'd put him through the chipper? You might end up with a semi-sentient garden that had a grudge against you.” Ada patted his arm. “Just something to consider.” She left the kitchen to check on Lucy and whatever ghastly unsuitable-for-children programme they were currently showing.

Left to his own devices, Harold glanced outside to check the body hadn't got up and walked away then set the kettle to boil. Would he have been upset to find the body gone or not? On the one hand there would be no corpse to dispose of but on the other he'd be constantly on the lookout for her, assuming she didn't just go back to work. Could she be reanimated with another of Legion's children? That was certainly a line of research he'd be interested in if dead bodies didn't make him feel so nauseaous.

“She's fine.” Ada bustled back in. “She's totally engrossed in the Christian Channel.”

“Oh, mum! You know I don;t like her watching that. Can't you change it to something more appropriate? Horror, say, or Disney?”

“Aren't they all the same?”

“I suppose. The Christian channel winds her up though. She tries to believe everything and it makes her crochety. Which God is the right one? The Jewish one, the Christian one or L Ron Hubbard?”

“Whatever they're showing, they're making her laugh. Now. Are you hungry? I could make you a sandwich.”

“No thanks Mum. I just made you one. I'd have had one then if I was hungry.” Harold frowned. “Haven't you got anything that would help Jasfoup's zombie?”

“Why would I have something?”

“Your faery magic.”

“I gave up all the useful spells when I left, you know that. I could glamour him to look ordinary, I suppose, but he'd still smell.”


Stephanie said...

“Aren't they all the same?” Yes. :)

The glamour might not go amiss for a little while at least.

Leatherdykeuk said...

It certainly wouldn't hurt!