Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 79.05

“You can't cover the smell of rotting flesh with a glamour?” Harold scratched his chin. “Got any perfume?”

“I'll treat that with the contempt it deserves.” Ada crossed to the sink and began to wash her mug and Lucy's lunch things. “There's some bleach if you like. It might be an improvement.”

“Maybe if I get him to drink it he'd stop rotting inside.”

“You can't ask someone to drink bleach, Harold. It would do them no-- Oh. I see your point. Well there's a bottle under the sink if you see the need, though if Jasfoup doesn't get here soon I may need it for that girl outside. That'd be all I need, somebody moaning to the council there's a smell coming from my garden.”

“This isn't a council house mum. Anyone lodging an environmental complaint would have to wait six weeks before the council sent someone round. We'll shift the body before then, I'm sure.”

“I want it shifted before the day is out, young man.” She dried her hands. “Right then. What are we going to do about Lucy? I can't promise to keep her safe if demons are after her.”

“Could you take her to Faery for the day? She'd like that.”

“You know I'm not welcome there. It's called banishment for a reason, you know. It's not 'temporary sojourn'.”

“Could you ask your mum to babysit then?”

Ada frowned. I'd really rather not, Harold. You know how critical she is. I can't do wrong for doing right sometimes.”

“The other way round, I think.”

“Oh yes. I was thinking of your father. Why don't you ask him to babysit?”

“Dad? Look after Lucy? Wouldn't that be like asking a lion to look after a rabbit to save it from the tigers?”

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