Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 82.05

“Yes she does. Harold wants to recall her spirit.” Jasfoup picked up Amanda's ankles which Devious was about to allow to drag behind him. “We need her as close as possible to a full state of health.”

“Less the actual 'being alive' part, obviously.” Dill grinned and Harold glared at him.

“I'd as soon as given the inspector a call.” Harold followed the demon. “I don't actually want to do anything with her. It's Jasfoup that's insisting.”

“Well. She wasn't due to die just yet. She had forty years yet. I just got an instant message on my smartphone telling me my reaping calendar had been updated. Who had the knowledge to do that, That's what I'd like to know.”

“I probably have.” Dill still stood at the open doorway. “I can hack phones pretty easily if I've got access to a computer and a transceiver.”

“Bully for you.” Jasfoup glanced over his shoulder. “And did you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Well then.”

“Are you all going upstairs to play?” Ada handed the tea tray to Harold. “Please don't get the carpets covered in jelly again.”

“Mum! That was one time when I was seven. Can't you let it go?”

“Well. If I don't say anything you'll forget.” She looked at the back door. “Isn't your friend going upstairs?”

“He'll get worse than jelly on the carpet, mum.”

“Nonsense.” Ada smiled at him. “I'll get him a couple of black bags to wear, shall I?”


“Just call me Ada, love. Everybody does. I've put some blackcurrant squash on the tray for you, is that all right? We haven't got any brains in the house, you see, and the tea will only increase the rate of decay if you drink it.”

“Thanks” Dill put his thumbs up. “Magic.”

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