Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 83.01

Harold poured two cups of tea. “Devious? I need my copy of Liber Monumentum et Silent. You'll find it in my personal archive at the shop.”

“Yes sir.” The imp frowned. “There's no chance of grabbing a bit of lunch, is there? I haven't eaten for a couple of hours.”

“Actually, I'm a bit peckish, too.” Dill lurched forward. Harold hadn't even noticed him come in.

“You're just hungry because you can smell food.” Harold looked across at Jasfoup, who scowled. “Zombies are forever hungry because they don't have the mechanism to tell them their stomach is full. A zombie will eat for as long as there's fresh meat available, processing nutrients as fast as they can get it down their gullet,” He pulled out a notebook. “Someone should write a treatise on zombies. I could make a small amount of income from such a task. Would you be willing to be studied? I'll pay, of course.”

“I'd rather stop being a zombie, if it's all the same to you.” He shuffled further forward and addressed the demon. “You said you'd get the book I needed?”

“Oh yes.” Jasfoup tsked to himself. “While you're at the shop, Devious, ask John to make a copy of the Treatise on Animated Figures, would you? It doesn't have to be aged, or even on vellum. Just the basic text and illustrations. In fact, tell him to make a photocopy of it. That'll do.”

“Is that wise?” Harold added milk and sugar to the cups. “That's a dangerous book to hand out willy nilly.”

“Jim Hunt's already got a copy at Magelight.”

“True, but still...” Harold stirred the tea, banging the spoon against the rip of the porcelain. “I don't want that one distributed. It caused enough trouble last time.”

“And now there are a hundred golems waiting upon his every whim.” Dillreached to clutch Harold's arm but he danced back a pace. “Who knows what will happen if we don't work out how to free the spirits trapped inside?”

“He has a point.”

“All right.” Harold took a deep breath. “But I want both copies afterwards. The one you're having and the one Jim Hunt keeps under lock and key.”

Dill nodded so hard his eyes wobbled in their sockets. “All right.”

“Brilliant.” Devious hopped up onto the table. “Can I go now?”

“Yes.” Harold picked up the cup. “You've got until I've finished this.”

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