Friday, October 28, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 85.02

“She's like us.” Dill looked at Harold, then at Jasfoup. “Sam and me, I mean. Was she displaced from her body as well? Originally, I mean. You said she'd been possessed?”

“That's right. She was on my schedule for soul collection but when I got to her flat she was still in her body. I thought it a bit odd at the time. I mean, in hindsight I should have just reaped her but instead I helped her come to terms with what she'd become. I suppose I got a bit attached to her.”

“You got a bit attached to her?” Harold frowned. “You got a bit attached to Julie the first time you met her. She ended up pregnant with a demonkin.”

“Not that attached to her. I've let your humanity seep in, Harold. I tried to help her. Made her breakfast, cleaned up the vomit, that sort of thing. Oh! In the name of Beelzebub and all all the flies! I've started to be nice, haven't I? This is all your fault.”

“Excuse me?” Amanda's small voice went unheard.

“My fault? How can it be my fault? I've spent the last five or six years learning to be evil. I was always the nice Mr Waterman who everyone came to for help. Now I spend more time scheming how to make another thousand pounds than I would if I worked in Jimmy Cluck's Restaurant for the same amount.”

“Excuse me?”

“The only way you'd get a job there is if you wore the chicken suit and stood at the front door passing out coupons.”

“Actually, that'd be a great job opportunity for a zombie.”

“Only if you chained their jaws shut.” Jasfoup looked at Amanda. “Oh? Did you want something, love?”

“I want to die.”


Stephanie said...

Oh, bless her heart.

Leatherdykeuk said...

It's in that tin over there.