Friday, November 11, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 85.16

“I'll bear it in mind next time he complains about a list of tasks.” Harold nodded as Delirious appeared. “There are several sheets of glass over there. Make a glass coffin, would you. I need it airtight in five minutes.”

The imp looked at the construction materials. “Sealed with a lid?”

“With a lid but don't seal the lid.” He shook his head. “What would be the use of an empty coffin?”

Delirious waved his hands in an 'how-should-I-know' gesture. “Fish tank, maybe.”

“Without fish or water?” Harold went back to his blanket stitch. “Just hurry. I need it five minutes ago.”

Jasfoup wandered over to supervise the imp. “You're going to immerse her in salt?”

“Saturated saline, yes.” He looked across at Dill. “How's the resin solution coming?”

“Pretty good. Just the last few lumps to dissolve.”

“Excellent. If you look in the box to your left, you should see a jar of myrrh. Drop a couple of spoonfuls in the mixture.” He paused, the thread pulling against Amanda's grey flesh. “Put some gloves on first, though. I don't want bits of zombie amongst my circle making tools.”

“Yeah. Right.” Dill shuffled over to the box of gloves as Delirious began construction of the coffin.

Harold finished of the stitches. And ran his finger across them. “Good and tight.”

“Yes, but you should have used a basket stitch instead of a blanket, old bean.” The demon chuckled. “Now she'll have a row of knots for evermore.”

“Good point. I wish you'd pointed that out earlier.” Harold scratched his stubble. “Never mind. I can adjust the stitches when I put in the speech bellows.”

“When will that be?”

“When she's saturated with salt and properly dried out.” Harold rubbed his hands together. “Maybe tomorrow.”

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