Monday, November 14, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 85.19

“I've got paint brushes.” Jasfoup held up a three-pack of cheap supermarket ones. “I'll have the big one.”

“Don't you always?” Harold selected the smallest. “I'll do the intimate areas.” He narrowed his eyes at Dill.

“Fair enough.” The zombie carried the pot of hot resin across the room and placed it carefully next to Amanda. The image of his hands remained on the container. “You were right about not feeling the heat. I've just stripped the skin off my hands.”

Harold barely glanced at the exposed muscle. “You'll need to eat to repair the damage, won't you?”

“I think so.” Dill picked up the last brush. “I'm not a hundred percent on how it works yet, but as far as I can tell I regenerate whatever body part I eat, so I need to eat hands. And brains. I always need brains. I can feel myself getting stupid without them.”

“We'll see what we can do when we finish here.” Harold dipped his brush into the resin solution. “Come one chaps. Get a move on. It's starting to cool already.”

“Right.” Jasfoup hesitated. “Shouldn't we take her clothes off first?”

“Er...yes, we should.” Harold smiled at Amanda. “You don't mind, do you? It's nothing we haven't all seen before.” He glanced at Dill. “Even if it's only on a computer screen.”

“No, I've seen the real thing plenty of times.” Dill frowned as Amanda began to strip. “Actually, since it was mostly through a webcam I retract my objection.”

“There you go. Nothing to be shy about.” Harold patted her on the arm. “I bet you feel light as a feather now. There's nothing like removing body parts to help in losing weight and think of the side benefit. Without a stomach you'll never put it on again.”

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