Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 85.20

Amanda put her fingers to her mouth, repeating the gesture when Harold merely looked quizzical.

“I think she's asking if she can eat at all.”

“Really?” Harold raised his eyebrows. “No, my dear. You don't need to. You'll be kept alive purely by virtue of being...well, not dead. And thanks to my cleverness you'll never rot like this young fellow. You don't need to ear ever again. You're the anorexic's dream.”

Dill stepped forward and touched her hand. “What if she wants to eat, though? I mean, can she eat for pleasure?”

“Why would she want to?” Harold looked at Jasfoup, who shrugged. “She doesn't have a stomach so anything she ingested would just drop into her body cavity and rot. It would attract flies and vermin and would in all likelihood infect her mummified tissue.”

“But you said you'd put a balloon inside her to allow her to talk. Could you not put a disposable stomach inside her, too?”

Jasfoup chuckled. “Like a vacuum cleaner bag?”

“No. No I could not.” Harold scowled and began slapping resin solution over her skin. “If she eats or drinks anything it will cause her mouth, throat and oesophagus to re-hydrate and begin to rot away. I'm not going through all this trouble just to have her reduced to a sentient skull for all eternity.”


“And if I catch her eating or drinking anything I shall sew up her mouth and seal it with resin. Is that clear?” He looked from Dill to Amanda until they both nodded. “Right. Amanda? Finish stripping, please. I've got the smallest brush so I shall do her head. Dill? You've got the next smallest so you can deal with...” He waved his brush vaguely. “...her lower half. Jasfoup? You get on with her torso and arms.”

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