Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 86.03

Peters came out a moment later, his grin fading when he saw the inspector's stony face. He pulled a Marathon bar from his pocket and unwrapped it. “So they've been missing all week, sir. At least four days, maybe six. What now?”

White pulled out his phone. “We have a word with the computer technology tutor. Perhaps what they were working on will give us a lead on where they've gone.”

“It is possible they just did a bunk sir. Gone to a festival or something. My nephew did that last year. Went missing for three days. He'd gone to Glastonbury. The little shit. We'd never have known if the college hadn't phoned Janet's brother at work to see if he was all right. The lad, I mean, not the brother.”

“I hardly think your nephew going to a music festival is applicable in this case, fascinating though your family appears.” White gestured at him with the phone, using it to mark out each piece of punctuation. “For one thing your nephew didn't clean out his house when he went and for another, the college phoned his parents to see if he was all right.” He paused. “Go back in and find out who their parents are and if they've been informed of the lad's absence.”

“Right.” Peters stuffed the rest of the chocolate bar in his mouth and screwed up the wrapper. He dropped it in a bin on the way inside.

White dialled directory enquiries and then the college, hoping he wouldn't be put through to the horn-rimmed lady he'd just not spoken to. He got through to an admissions clerk and found where the computer technology class was held and the name of the tutor, Kenneth Shadwell.

A notice board displayed a map of the campus. He found Engineering Block Four and traced a path to it from Reception. It would be quicker to walk than drive.

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