Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 87.01

Harold flinched at the appearance of the vampire. Despite his love for her, she managed to fill his heart with the fear of an angel. It didn't help that he was currently running a last brushful of pine resin over another woman's nipple. It made no difference Amanda was dead. So was Gillian and it had never stopped Harold having carnal relations with her. “, love. Have you had breakfast?”

“I woke to an empty house and the smell of death.” Gillian's claws were partially extended, she was so cross. “No Lucy, no Julie and the stink of zombie in the lower halls.” Her glance barely flickered toward Dill but it was enough to freeze him in his tracks as he tried to back away.

“Ah...I can explain...” Harold handed his brush to Devious and started toward her, the fingers of one hand digging into the palm of the other. We're having an infestation of demons, I'm afraid, leaving the bodies hollow and unoccupied. Dill and Amanda here had the happy coincidence of possessing their own bodies and are technically zombies, though we're working on mummification for Amanda. You remember Amanda? She used t work for you as a legal secretary.”

“And Julie?” She didn't acknowledge the girl.

“I'm afraid Julie was possessed by a Manoachian demon and when it was expelled she was unrevivable.”

“You killed her?”

“Actually, Lucy killed her.”

“Lucy? You're blaming the death of my best friend on my two-year old daughter?”

“Um...our daughter, I think you'll find.”

“Which is quite important when you hear the news we have about her.” Jasfoup almost clapped, her was so excited about it. He made do with standing his brushed in what was left of the resin solution and steepling his fingers instead. “It turns out she's a direct descendant of the demon Legion. On her father's side, obviously.”


Stephanie said...

This is unlikely to soothe things with Gillian.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Why not? It's Gillian's fault. If she hadn't been a nephilim, Lucy wouldn't have been a full demon.