Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 87.04

Harold looked across the room at the two imps. They were both, to his surprise, working diligently. It must be the presence of Gillian, he thought. Vampires bring out the best in everyone. “How's the receptacle coming along?”

“Receptacle?” Devious turned with a look of sheer panic on his face. “You told us to build a glass coffin, not a receptacle.”

“A glass coffin would be dandy.” Harold laced his fingers together, the better to stop himself strangling someone small and imp-shaped. “How's the glass coffin coming along then?”

“Finished, Maser.” Devious spread one ringmaster-like hand to display the fruit of their labours. “Delirious is just engraving the glass with measurement marks. Pints, gallons, cubic centilitres and so on.”

“Excellent.” Harold turned to Amanda. “Your saturation tank awaits, madam. Let's do it.”

Jasfoup held up a hand. “Can we have a moment?”

“Of course.” Harold started towards him.

“No, I meant Amanda and I.”

“Oh.” Harold pretended to be interested in a comic. “Sure.” He turned to the imps. “Heat the water to thirty degrees and add as much of the salt as you can, then the ammonia.” He did a couple of shuffle steps. “We're cooking tonight.”

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