Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 87.08

“Step inside, love.” Harold held out a hand to guide her in. “Only don't splash it about as the solution is caustic.” He caught the look of panic. “No, it'll be fine for you. That was the whole point of the amber varnish. You'll be just fine, I promise.”

She climbed into the coffin and sat, the liquid slooshing around her waist and legs. She paused, looking for Jasfoup and he knelt at the side of the coffin to pat her hand. “Try not to think about anything. Just let your mind go blank and drift off and I'll see you again in six weeks. It's a short hop after that to immortality.”

“You have to lie down, Amanda. Sink under the water and let it infuse your flesh with preserving salts.”

Devious stuck a piece of litmus paper in the tank. It turned violet. “I added some general fungicide too, master.”

“That was a...” Harold frowned. “Was that a good idea?”

“Yes. It'll stop anything growing on her when she dries out afterwards. I suggest she takes a monthly dose of it afterward, too. Fungal infections just aren't attractive in women, particularly when it's dry rot or mould.”

“Lie down Amanda.” Jasfoup held her hand until her face was obscured by the translucent liquid, then let go. Harold nodded to Devious, who applied glass cement to the edges before filling the last half-inch of the coffin with Natron salt and lowering the lit into place.

Gillian stepped to Harold's side. “Are you sure this will work? I'd hate to put her through all this for no reason.”

“Truthfully? No.” Harold watched as the two imps lifted the huge weight of the coffin and opened a gate to eight weeks ago. “But I tried bringing her back to life and failed. This was my second-best effort.” He put an arm around her shoulders. “It's kill or cure.”

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