Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 88.07

“How does it know that?” White frowned and bent over the keyboard, using the edge of the table to scrape his cuffs away from his hands. “H-O-W-D-O-Y-O-U-K-N-O-W-T-H-A-T-?”

“I can see him. I can see a dozen Professor Shadwells, seven Simon Peters and four Cameron Whites. Facial recognition software enables me to distinguish between the three and reverse image searches provide the names and biological details.”

Peters took his coffee from the professor's hand. “It's connected to the internet?”

“Of course.” Shadwell pointed to a cable. “But even if it wasn't plugged it it has the ability to find and connect to any wifi signal in the area.”

“Even encrypted ones?”

“Even IPA-two keys are simple enough for a computer to crack.”

“That makes the computer a felon.”

“Only if you declare it an individual, sentient being.” Shadwell placed the second cup within reach of the inspector. “And then, of course, you've admitted it's alive.” Shadwell headed back to his office, emerging with a third cup for himself.

“Which it isn't.”

“It's clever, is what it is.” White took a sip of his coffee and wished he'd asked for tea instead. “W-H-Y-O-N-L-Y-4-W-H-I-T-E-S-?”

“Oh, I can answer that one.” Shadwell wheeled a chair to a spot several feet away. “It can access pretty much any camera with a web connection. It could see me through all the laptops with a view of my office, the sergeant with fewer and you with only the three mounted on Orias itself.”

“Only three cameras? It said it could see four of me.”

“You're forgetting the eye in the sky, Inspector.” Shadwell pointed to the ceiling, where the red light of a security camera blinked steadily. “Big brother sees everything.”


Stephanie said...


“That makes the computer a felon.”

“Only if you declare it an individual, sentient being.”

And there's the rub.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Almost a catch 22 :)