Monday, December 12, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 88.11

White watched images as they flashed onto the screen. He recognised several shots from traffic surveillance cameras. “Here, how does it get the feeds from the traffic cameras? That's supposed to be a closed circuit. Only the police and the highways agency should have those.”

“But you are the police.” Professor Shadwell craned his nect to look at the screen then pulled back out of the computer's field of view.

“I know, but this is a public area. Well, a college, anyway.”

“Most of the traffic cameras these days transmit their signals digitally rather than be hard wired by cables. It makes them more adaptable and easily placed.”

Sergeant Peters drained the last of his coffee. “That's because we rely on the income from spot fines. It's amazing how many tickets you can issue if you move the camera five hundred ward closer than the offenders expect it.”

“Nevertheless, Orias here can intercept the data transmissions and compare the people captured on film to the missing person, thus correlating an overall picture of their movements and where they were last seen. It's very clever. As I say they were a pair of geniuses, those two.”

The images stopped on a traffic camera view of a Laverstone street. It zoomed in to show the two lads in question were lounging on an outside table, one with a coffee and the other with what looked like a cellophane-wrapped sandwich. The speaker crackled. “Dilbert Farthing and Samuel Trubshaw. Last seen Monday the fifth, Eleven-twenty AM, Markham Road Laverstone.”

“There are our two missing persons.” White leaned forward. “They don't look to be under duress, do they?”

“But that was three days ago, sir. Why haven't they been seen since?” He pinched at his lip. “And who cleaned out their flat?”

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