Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 89.01

“Is that it now?” Gillian pulled herself to her feet using Harold's arm for support. “You've made her a mummy?”

“Pretty much.” Harold began gathering up his spell components and ritual tools. “She needs to sit in that Natrine bath for six weeks, then dried out under a warm air current for another fortnight or so but other than that yes, Amanda should keep indefinitely. “

“You'll have to sort out some way of making her speak.” Jasfoup passed him his surgical tools and began clearing up the empty bags of salt and glass adhesive.

Gillian looked from him back to Harold. “Why can't she speak.”

“I had to remove her lungs as part of the mummification process. They're in that box over there.” Harold pointed to one of the shoeboxes. “Jasfoup thinks a couple of balloons should do it. Surgical rubber for strength, attached to the insides of the ribs.”

“And will she still be able to interact with the daylight world? Once she can speak, I mean.”

“I suppose so. She'll be a bit stiff from the desiccation but a bit of body cream and make-up should make her fit in. I'll make a shopping list, or you could, if you like. You'll know better what women want. It'll take your mind off Julie dying, as well.”

“Thanks for the reminder. I'll get right on it. What about hygiene products?” Gillian grinned. “You're blushing.”

Harold rubbed his face with one hand. “She's dead, so she won't have her monthly, and she can't eat or drink so they're be no bowel or bladder action. Not that there would be anyway, since I whipped the whole lot our. Um...Nothing water based, I suppose. If she gets wet she'll start rotting.”

“Alcohol wipes, then.”

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