Monday, December 19, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 89.07

“Wait a sec. I've just got to check my messages.” Dill began to thumb through his phone. Harold left him to it, heading back to the living room where Gillian was cuddling Lucy in front of the television.

“Have you finished up there at last?” Ada clattered her cup onto the saucer and put it on an end table with her newspaper and book, then used the remote to lower the volume. “Whatever you were doing brought such awful smells.” She glanced at Gillian and with exaggerated Lancastrian mouthing asked: “What did you do with the body?”

“Gillian knows all about it, mum.” Harold perched on the arm of the settee and tickled Lucy. “I re-attached her original spirit to her body but it didn't take properly for some reason, leaving her a zombie like poor Dill back there. Rather than just let her deteriorate, though, I got Devious to help me turn her into a mummy. Sorry about the smell.” He held out his hands. “You can't help the smell when you eviscerate somebody.”

“Did she want to be a mummy?” Ada leaned across and rested her hand on Harold's arm. “She didn't look very foreign.”

“She certainly didn't want to be a zombie, mum, so it was either that or put her into the wood chipper.”

“Ew.” Ada shuddered. “Sometimes the spirit stays, even then. Attached to all the little bits.”

“There's always cremation. No spirit can stay attached to ashes.”

“True.” Ada wagged her finger at him. “I hope you gave her the option.”

“Only as a last resort.” Harold nudged his partner. “Come on, old thing. We've got to hit the library on the way home.”

“Won't it be closed?”

“Maybe, but we're an imp down and Devious reckons he'll be stuck in the romance section.”

“Perhaps I can take Lucy to the children's bit while you prise his fingers off the Georgette Heyers.”

“Ooh!” Ada picked up her novel. “Would you renew this while you're there?”


Stephanie said...


I almost want to avert my eyes from what's to come.

Leatherdykeuk said...

It might be wise!

Thank you.