Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 91.03

Harold paused and turned, holding his umbrella over Gillian and Lucy. “Too many of us. Lucy would have had to do without her car seat and that's far too dangerous.”

“Good point.” Gillian smiled at him. “That's sweet, you thinking of her before your own comfort.”

“Well, I'm a father now.” Harold leaned in to give Lucy a forehead kiss. “I have to think of these things. Goodness knows what she'd have got up to, rattling around in the back of the van.”

He turned away, leading the party up Millrace to Low Street and into market Square. The library was to their left and her let them to the shelter of the portico when he stopped to shake out his brolly. “Do your stuff then, dead man.”

“Dill would be just fine, thanks.” The zombie might have scowled, but Harold couldn't tell. “Or 'Mister Farthing'.” He pulled out a mobile and began texting. A moment later it beeped. He read it and waved at someone above the doors. “Wave to Sam, everyone.”

Jasfoup and Harold waved. Gillian was busy seeing to Lucy.

“Don't worry, he'll delete all the footage of us.” Dill nodded at the doors. “They should be open now. Thank all the gods of technology for electronic locks. If they'd been the sort to open with a key we'd have been here all night.”

“You underestimate us.” Harold held the door open while they all filed past. “Gillian would have got us in somehow.”

“Oh yes? She'd have broken the door in, would she?”

“No...she'd have called the Chief Librarian and asked him to come down.”