Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dead Rite chapter 91.05

“You are the best master in the world.”

“Really?” Harold grinned. While he knew it to be true, it was nice to hear it said aloud for a change.

“That's the book I want first.” John held up a copy of Melanie Malfoy's 'You Are the Best Master in the World,' the lurid cover of which showed a young man in chains kneeling before a bearded man whose was only not naked because he wore a crown. “Followed by the rest of the series.”

Harold frowned. “I didn't even realise Laverstone library even stocked gay erotica. That's progressive for a provincial town.”

There was a cough behind him. He turned to see Jasfoup operating a computer. He looked up and winked at Harold. “Just ordering stock. What do you think Dick Likes Jane, Jane Likes Dick' is about?”

Harold shrugged. “Best friends?”

“Maybe.” Jasfoup punched the order through. “Are we all done here?” He led the way back to the foyer where a life-sized marble statue showed the incumbent mayor, Edward Burbridge, wrestling the legendary Eel of Laverstone Lake. And winning, of course. “Don't you have to renew Ada's book?”

“Right yes.” Harold stood at the counter. “How does the machine work?”

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