Monday, January 2, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 91.06

Dill looked up from his mobile phone. “Have you tried turning them on?”

“Oh, har-de-har. Hilarious.” Harold narrowed his eyes at the zombie and looked for the on button. It took several minutes for the system to kick in but eventually he fould a touch-sensitive screen with a helpful button marked 'Return Book'. He pressed it and a blue light shone from the wand attached to the machine by a cable.

Dill looked over his shoulder. “There you go. So simple a librarian could use it.”

Harold glared at him. He didn't dare speak for fear of retching at the smell of decomposition. He scanned the book then pressed the 'Issue Book' button, setting the return date for a year ahead. Even Ada would have read it by then.

“Jasfoup?” Gillian went to the enquiries desk. “Would you order them another copy of 'Hungry Caterpillar'? Lucy's destroyed this one.”

“Sure.” Jasfoup tapped a few keys. “I was just ordering the complete list of banned books. They make entertaining reading.”

“Who bans books? Is this an Orwellian society?” Gillian looked at the screen. “'And Tango Makes Three'? That's a picture book.”

“A picture book that also happens to be a true story about gay penguins.” Jasfoup wagged his hand. “You can't have a book about a perfectly natural two-father family. It goes against the Bible teachings. Let filth like that through and you'll bring an end to prejudice and from there it's an easy step to start believing in Evolution.” He gave a heavy sigh. “And then none of us would exist.”

“Lucky we have people to do out thinking for us, then.” Gillian picked up Lucy. “Where's John?”

“Here.” Harold was checking out a pile of thirty books. “Hey! Where's Roberts’ Treatise on Animated Figures?

“Ooh!” John put his paw to his mouth. “I left it in the photocopier.”

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